21 New Years Resolutions for 2021

It’s a New Year!

A new year means, new goals. I think with how 2020 played out, many of us were really excited to celebrate the new year and welcome a fresh start. However, 2020 was so blah that many of us felt unmotivated and tired by the time the end of the year came. So, that can make it hard to transition into the new year with motivation. I’m going into 2021 slowly, by amping myself up with getting excited by writing out my new year goals and resolutions and even creating a mood board. I’ll be sharing my resolutions with you and show you how to set goals and get excited for 2021!




When It comes to setting goals, we have to make sure it’s realistic. It has to be something you know you can and will achieve. Don’t write down you’re going to read 15 books when you know realistically you can only finish two books a year (AKA me). You’ll just end up disappointed that you didn’t reach that goal. If you usually read two books, set a goal to read 4. Another way to begin setting your yearly goals is to section it off. I sectioned mine off by:

  • Health- I set health goals ranging from fitness to mind and soul. Remember again to not overly push your health goals to a point where it can actually hurt your health!
  • Career/Finance/Interests- Set your career goals such as what job you want to get next or pushing yourself to get to a higher position. Also, applying to schools or anything education related has lots to do with your career path! For example, I added going to fashion school as one of my goals! It has to do with my career path so it fits! Also, I added the word interests because many of our hobbies or interests can eventually become our careers!
  • Personal/Misc.- Sometimes we have goals that don’t fall under any specific category, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t important! Sometimes we can’t fully explain a certain goal or we have random goals we want to achieve. So, this is the section to put it in!



Another great way to get pumped for the new year, is mood boarding. You can easily create a mood board on Pinterest or even create your own with Photoshop or Canva. The idea is to compile a bunch of images that represents what you want your year to look like. This is my Pinterest Mood Board:

The Screenshot is Linked to My Mood Board! Check it Out by Clicking the Image!




Now, let’s get into my 21 goals for 2021..


1. Workout Consistently- It’s not about losing weight, It’s about constantly moving my body and keeping myself healthy.

2. Drink 2 Hydroflasks a Day- I suck at drinking water

3. Eat Healthy 4 Times a Week- I want to incorporate more fruits and veggies in my diet because I mainly eat a ton of carbs lol the remaining 3 days will be days where I don’t have to think too much of what I consume.

4. Get Into Yoga Again


5. Apply to Fashion School

6. Revamp Website- I love my blog, but I really want to revamp the site. The formatting isn’t exactly what I envisioned.

7. Grow My Blog (Get at Least 15 New Readers)

8. Post More Fashion Content on Instagram

9. Get a New Internship/Job that is Fashion Related


10. Read at Least 3 Books- I’m terrible at keeping up to read.

11. Budget & Save My Money Wisely

12. Help Out Small Businesses More Often

13. Keep Up with My “Good Day” Journal

14. Recognize 3 Good Things Everyday

15. Stop Apologizing

16. Say Yes More

17. No More Comparing

18. Do One Thing That Scares Me

19. Focus on the Smaller Moments

20. Don’t Let Past Situations Affect My Mood- Let it gooo!

21. Accept and Be Ok with All the Changes that Will Happen in this New Chapter- I graduate this year! Meaning, lots of changes are coming my way.





Thank you guys so much for reading! Please share some of your 2021 goals with me in the comments below or on IG @Aundrabyk and @Kasandrawithak. Hope y’all are having an amazing start to the new year and see you next Thursday! 🙂